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"I have earned my certifications at the most prestigious fitness institutions and have been working with clients for 7+ years. I customize the workouts to each individual's needs. My clients vary in age and have different goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, strength training, flexibility, mobility, injury prevention, injury recovery and functional training.

I believe that being physically active contributes a lot to our happiness and so I love helping people achieve their goals and feel comfortable and healthy in their body. Client - trainer relationship is very important and I put a lot of emphasis on establishing a trustworthy and friendly relationship with my clients so I can fully support them on their fitness journey. Currently I am taking clients online or in person as well."



Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Flexibility Training Specialist (NASM)

Weight Loss Specialist (NASM)

TRX Suspension Training Level 1

Kettlebell Certification Level 1

Functional Movement Screen Level 1

Animal Flow Level 1

Equinox Fitness Training Institute

Training Menopausal & Perimenopausal Women

Integrated Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

Training the Brain: The Neuroscience of Aerobic Exercise


MSc in Digital Marketing




"I have been training with Izabella for 2 years and she is the best investment I have ever had. I had lower back and knee pain before and they are all gone, she helped me with my diet as well. I am in the best shape of my life! I keep getting compliments right and left and everyone thinks I am 10-15 years younger! I started with 3 times a week and I increased it to 5 times a week and I will keep continue training with her because I feel amazing and full of energy! I highly recommend her to everyone!​" Neda, 52

"Izabella has been my personal trainer over the last two years, first in my gym club, then in my home gym.  I’m very impressed with her skills and knowledge as a fitness coach.  The combination of stretching, strength training and cardio really worked for me.  Having had hip replacement surgery both sides, I had difficulties walking. I can now walk longer distances with no pain.  In addition, I was able to shed the weight accumulated during the first four months of the pandemic.  Izabella puts her heart and soul into training her individual client and while cheerful and inspiring, she is very tough.  I whole-heartedly recommend her and wish her the best for the future." Michael, 71

"I’ve been training with Izabella for over seven months and it has made a huge difference in my overall health and well-being. I can now see clear definition in my legs and arms, my waist line is trimmer and my glutes are tighter. I feel much more comfortable in my body! In addition (and maybe more importantly), I no longer have the chronic shoulder pain and other aches and pains I had been struggling with before starting my sessions with Izabella.  I’ve had other personal trainers, but no one as good as Izabella.  She strikes the perfect balance between challenging me physical and mentally while also providing the support and encouragement I need to get the results I want!​" (50)

"Izabella’s workouts are always challenging and fun. During breaks when I am not breathing hard, I am usually laughing. Her knowledge of technique and attention to detail allow me to maximize output without worrying about injury. For the last 2 years she has helped me set realistic goals and meet them, resulting in me looking forward to our workouts. Choosing Izabella as my trainer was the best decision I have made for my physical and mental health.​"

Larry, 51

"Izabella is an amazing trainer, she breaks down the exercise first & helps me with form, & counts! Some trainers don't count your reps, but Izabella keeps me straight! Flexible scheduling and easy to work with - I'm so happy I invested in myself in preparation for HOT VAX summer - & it's all because I had great support from ANIMA Fitness.
I highly recommend training for the accountability and pleasantly sore muscles - you won't regret it!!"​ Ivy, 40

"What makes Izabella an excellent trainer is that she listens to my goals and helps me to achieve them. I have been working with her for almost a year, and I have made incredible progress in a very short amount of time. I have built muscle, and I feel stronger and healthier!​" Kate, 29

"Izabella was my personal trainer between 2021-22 and I recommend her highly. We met both at the park and at my apartment and she was punctual. If there was an issue, she always contacted me well in advance and was flexible about re-scheduling which I appreciated. Her workouts were thoughtful and thorough and I enjoyed our sessions. If my schedule hadn’t changed significantly, I hope she’d be training me still."​ Barbara, 78

"I am pleased to recommend Izabella as a fitness professional and corporate wellness entrepreneur. I trained with Izabella for more than a year. I usually had three training sessions per week with her when my schedule allowed, or I wasn’t traveling. Izabella was tough but very professional and always brought positive energy to our sessions. I worked with other effective trainers but she was particularly knowledgeable, driven and focused, and I started seeing great results and muscle gain, which had been challenging to develop. I am certain that her professionalism, passion, knowledge and dedication will result in great success for any individual or company with whom she works!​" Steve, 53

"I had been working with Izabella for close to a year on strength and flexibility training to improve my golf game and overall fitness. I was making great progress and then COVID closed the gym. Izabella was very imaginative and determined to find a safe and effective way to continue our progress. We met outdoors when the weather permitted and found a secure and sanitary indoor site when it was too cold to be outdoors.  Izabella was very careful to follow the proper protocols to keep us both safe while continuing to make progress. Izabella is dedicated professional, she will do all that she can to help you achieve your goals in a safe and responsible fashion."​ Anthony, 60

"I trained with Izabella 3 times a week for over 2 years. Izabella is a great trainer with a great work ethic and empathetic attitude. She always worked with me to help me define and meet my fitness goals and kept pushing me to take me to the next level. I can’t recommend Izabella enough. You will never regret working out with her!! " Lola, 54

"I’ve been working with Izabella a little over a year. In this time, I’ve become stronger, healthier, and more confident. She consistently challenges me and motivates me to do better. I’ve progressed more in one year with her guidance than the previous five working on my own. I highly recommend working with Izabella to get leaner, feel better, and counteract the damage caused by a desk job." Shelby, 43

"Some personal trainers are just there to collect a check. Izabella is the exact opposite of that. I trained with Izabella for 6 months and saw immediate results, and importantly was just genuinely happier and motivated to work out. Izabella is superb at demo'ing exercises and then watching you closely and correcting form when necessary. She does not keep you to a hard stop time if you arrive late to the session, and instead almost always gives you a full hour (this was amazing, I'm sure most trainers don't do this!). If you take advantage of working with her in person, she travels to your gym or apartment. She spends time "off the clock" giving you mobility and cardiovascular exercises to keep you on task between training sessions, and providing helpful diet suggestions if you ask. She is flexible in scheduling of sessions. She is empathetic and relatable in conversation and good at recalibrating your workouts as needed when you have muscle soreness or lacking energy that day. And I loved the variety of exercises we did for each of my 2x weekly sessions--which showed that Izabella put thought into a regimen before each one. I am duplicating these exercises when I work out on my own. I achieved my goal of getting into great shape with more defined muscle tone before my wedding, and that was all Izabella." Eric, 34


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