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Whether you are opening a new gym or restructuring a pre-existing facility, having a comprehensive understanding of industry best practices is needed. ANIMA FITNESS' design team, partnered with internationally recognized architects and interior designers, can partially or fully design your facility around your requirements.


  • Fitness facility design

  • Feasibility studies

  • Equipment procurement & maintenance

  • Logistics Management

  • Marketing activities & events

  • Operations analysis


ANIMA's fitness professionals have obtained the industry’s leading and most trusted certifications and have gone through extremely rigorous training. ANIMA specializes in combined workouts consisting of cardio and resistance training allowing participants to reap the maximum benefits during each session.

Some of the qualifications and certs our professionals have:

  • NASM  - CPT

  • NASM - Corrective exercise specialist

  • PN 1 - Precision nutrition

  • AF 1 - Animal flow


ANIMA Fitness offers oversight and management of the day-to-day operations of corporate fitness facilities. Your fitness facility will be provided with exceptional amenities and services developed with your tenants in mind. 


  • On-site management

  • Group exercise classes 

  • Personal training​

  • Fitness assessments, seminars and workshops

  • Dedicated services and amenities

  • Marketing activities and events

  • Towel service


ANIMA Fitness provides a range of services designed to promote an active and healthy, yet relaxed, work environment. Our unique approach to well-being provides the proper education and tools for private sector employees to overcome physical and mental challenges.

We create an environment whereby employees can maximize their potential. We offer:

  • Corporate luxury retreats

  • Health assessments

  • Marketing activities and events

  • Monthly health and wellbeing workshops and events

  • Wellbeing coaching

  • Nutrition consultations


ANIMA specializes in designing tailored on-site fitness classes for corporate offices, businesses and residential buildings.

Our instructors go directly to you, no need for your employees to go anywhere else! Some of the classes we offer:

  • HIIT

  • Bootcamp

  • Bum & belly

  • Mobility/flexibility

  • Zumba

  • Meditation

  • Yoga


We take care of all laundering and restocking needs for your fitness center; so high quality towels are always there when you need them. We share the commitment and passion to serve tenants with a consistent product.

All aspects of operations are continually monitored to ensure high standard services. Your towel shelves will never be empty!

  • Luxury towels

  • Inventory management

  • Laundering and restocking

  • Weekly pickup and delivery


"It has been a pleasure working with Anima Fitness! They added such a great value to our corporate setting, they changed the work environment to a fun one! Their staff is very professional and knowledgable as well. I highly recommend them to any company who is looking to implement fitness and wellness services to their company culture!" Anthony M, 52

"I take ANIMA Fitness’ Mobility & Flexibility class with Alex every Monday. I started taking her online class a few months ago, and I don’t miss a week! I feel so much better and loose after every class. I would highly recommend this class for a great way to finish your Monday work day. ANIMA Fitness has high standards and are extremely responsive." Barbara L, 39

"I'm Lee  and I had joined a corporate group workout session by ANIMA Fitness. The instructor is so talented and very well-focused. She carried the whole group in the right direction and made us a team. We were doing mobility & flexibility and HIIT classes. I personally feel more confident and active after this training." Lee G

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