I have always been that guy that worked out every day. I was in active softball player and enjoyed lifting on a daily basis. I would go to the gym, do some weightlifting but very rarely did I do any cardio. I would never stretch, never followed a routine...just did what I felt like doing. Our office building has a very nice gym which is all the equipment you could ask for to get in a good workout. They would offer classes here and there, but I never had the urge or encouragement to actually attend them. I finally got burned out and just stopped going.


Then one day there was a “meet and greet” the new gym trainer in the lobby of your office building. There was Alex...friendly, full of energy and confident. That is the one thing I remember the most..her confidence. She made me feel welcome and encouraged me to start back up by doing a Winter Challenge. She set up an appointment to do an assessment and to get back to getting strong again. She was easy to talk to and me me realize the importance of getting back into a routine. She made going to the gym fun again and I truly look forward to our "Murder She Wrote" workouts with the group. It is a love/hate relationship with her. 


She throws in a great mix of routines that really get heart pumping. We literally will feel it the next day parentheses (and worse the second day). She is creative and actually encourages feedback from the group. The classes are fun, different and most of all meaningful. I have seen a big difference in my strength, stamina and flexibility. She knows her stuff and he knows how to push you to be your best. Working out is not an overnight fix, but if you’re willing to stick with it and push yourself, you will see the results. Having Alex there to guide me has been the reason for my success. Ask her about the "3 Minutes of H*ll* box.

Andrew, 50

I consider myself to be very active and I am at the gym at least 4 time per week but I guess I was just going through the motions until I met Alex.  What I like best about Alex is the way she motivates me to work out in a safe way and most of all I am seeing results too.  Working with Alex has me doing the exercises I would never do otherwise. I am stronger and feeling so much better in myself, thanks to Alex.


Pat, 51





Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Cardio For Performance (NASM)

Mental Toughness (NASM)

TRX Suspension Training Level 1

Women's Fitness Specialization (NASM)

Spinning Instructor Certificate

Pole Pressure University Instructor

Alex is a wonderful trainer.  She has been working with me for several months.  She is clearly committed to helping me reach my fitness goals.  She is always bringing new exercises into our workouts to mix things up and accommodate my needs.  She has a great attitude and is tremendously supportive.

Andy, 50

I love taking Bootcamp with Alex. She’s knowledgeable, has a great personality and keeps me motivated when I want to give up. It’s obvious she loves what she does!

Faryal, 30

I had gotten lazy during lockdown and needed someone to help me get back into a regular fitness program. I met with Alex and she ended up being the perfect fit for me. I have a few injuries and am always cautious a trainer will push me to hard and then injury myself again. Alex listened to my history and tailored a program to work around my injuries and also strengthen my problem areas. Working with Alex I ended up getting way stronger, felt terrific, aches and pains went away and I also got motivated to do some fitness on my own. Alex is terrific and I highly recommend her!

Hans, 50

Alex is always so pleasant and positive and knows how to push her clients to the next level while being aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  Alex not only enjoys what she does but she has a strong passion for it. She often comes to class excited to share a new exercise or show us a different way of doing an exercise that we have done before that she has learned.  As a client, I really appreciate that because it keeps the class interesting and it pushes us and makes us stronger.

Maria, 48

I have been going to Alex for personal training sessions for just under a year now and have definitely seen results!  She is great at pushing your limits and also gives you a break when you need one - it’s a balanced workout that works!

Kerry, 33

Alex is the instructor for total body class at my building and it feels as if she is my personal trainer.  She picked right up on my weaknesses and strengthens and instruct workouts that seems tailored just for me.  Excellent focus, encouraging and her training method is rigorous but doable. Although I complain, grunt and sweat during the workouts, training with her make me feel physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.  I enjoy training with Alex, she makes me want to go hard every session!

Carolyn, 60

Alex has introduced me to a variety of new exercises over the last several months that have toned areas I’ve never worked on before! She has a great sense of humor, a can-do attitude, and she keeps me on my toes during workouts.


Rachel, 25

Working with Alex has completely changed my mornings. I struggled for years to start a morning workout routine. Alex has made regular morning workouts something that I look forward to, and I’ve seen a big increase in my energy level and progress toward my fitness goals.

Linda, 32